1. Creating an assessment

To get started, click the 'Create Assessment' button on the top right hand corner.

Create assessment button

Set up your assessment by choosing a Course, entering the Assessment Name, and selecting ‘Online’ as the Assessment type.

Step 1 of 4, Create Assessment

You'll also choose, if and how, your test questions are displayed. Under 'Test Question Display', choose from the following options:

  • Display Full PDF: Your questions will be displayed to students, as they appear in the PDF file alongside the bubble sheet layout that you will be prompted to choose

Online assessment with the pdf file and the bubble sheet layout displayed

  • One question at a time: Students will only see one question and the associated answer options on screen at any given time. Students will be able to proceed freely to any question during the assessment, unless the ‘allow backtracking’ option has been disabled

Online assessment with one question at a time displayed
  • I don’t want to upload test questions: Students will only be presented with the bubble sheet layout and you’ll need to provide access to the test questions outside of Akindi

Online assessment with bubble sheet layout only displayed

2. Upload Questions

Display Full PDF

If you selected 'Display Full PDF' in the previous step, Akindi will prompt you to upload your test questions in a PDF file, then click 'Continue'.

One Question at a Time

For 'One question at a time', you'll need to upload a Word Document or .docx file of your test questions and then click 'Continue'. Akindi will read the document and ask you to review that all the question and answer categorizations are correct before moving on. Take a look at our 'Review Questions & Enter Answer Key' page on how to ensure everything in your test question document has been identified and properly categorized.

3. Creating an answer key

Enter your answer key by selecting the correct response for each question. Turn on advanced marking options to control the weight and grading scheme of each question.

Select correct response for each question.

If you will be showing ‘one question at a time’, you’ll have the option to enter your answer key when you are reviewing Akindi’s categorization of the questions and answers.

urn on 'Display Advanced Marking' > change question type > change weight of question > Select correct response

4. Scheduling the Online Assessment

Set the times in which the students can access the online assessment.

The 'Activation time' is when students will be granted access to view and start their assessment. The 'Deadline' is when the assessment closes, meaning students can no longer access their assessment or submit their answers.

You’ll have the option to turn the test into a timed assessment. Under 'Time limit', select the hours and minutes that your students will be given to complete their submission. If you don't want to set a time limit, select the 'Disable time limit' checkbox.

Adjust activation time, deadline and time limit

5. Providing extra time for selected students

Once you click ‘Save & Continue’ you'll be taken to the 'Online Assessment Status' page. Here you can adjust the time limit, activation time and deadline for selected students that may require accommodations.

Select the student(s) from the table, click on the 'Actions' dropdown menu and select 'Edit Assessment Timing'.

Select students, click 'actions' and then 'edit assessment timing' to adjust time limit, activation time or deadline

6. Emailing Students Their Online Assessment

Each student requires a unique URL to access their Online Assessment. To email all students their Online Assessment link, click 'Email Students Online Assessment'.

Select 'Email students online assessment' button, customize email and send

You'll have the option to customize the subject and message of the email that is sent to students.

Once you hit 'Send' the emails will be immediately sent to students, but they won't be able to access their assessment until the 'Activation time' has passed.

7. Monitoring Student Progress

To help you manage the process of delivering an Online Assessment, select 'View Online Assessment Status' from your course dashboard at any point after you've set up your Online Assessment.

Course dashboard, 'view online assessment status' button highlighted

Here you can keep track of and sort by:

  • The delivery status of online assessment emails

  • The number of questions answered by each student

  • Which students have submitted their assessments

Online Assessment Status page, 'Email delivery' column sorted

8. Viewing & exporting the results

As each student submits their online assessment, the results will populate in Akindi. Click ‘View Results’ on your Akindi course dashboard to access the assessment responses and analytics.

If you've run an Akindi Online assessment, you can export the results by clicking 'Send grades to 'LMS'' or in the following ways from the ‘Actions’ dropdown menu:

  • Download CSV

  • Download Question Breakdown CSV

  • Email Students their grades (not currently available for Question Scrambling assessments)

Actions dropdown menu, select desired export.

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