Accessing their online assessment

Students have two different ways of accessing their online assessment. Either via an email sent from Akindi or through the LMS.

Assessment Delivery options

If you have chosen to deliver your online assessment via the LMS, skip here. If you selected 'Deliver via Email', start here.

Online assessment via Email

If you've chosen to allow students to access their assessment from an email, then your students will receive an email from notifying them of their online assessment and also providing the unique URL to their assessment.

Online assessment link

In this email, the exact times they can access the online assessment will be outlined, in addition to any time limits in place. They’ll need to click the ‘Start Assessment’ button which is a secure link that will enable them to access their online assessment in a new browser window or tab.

Students will not have the ability to begin the assessment until the 'Activation time'.

Image: Online assessment email students receive

Skip to 'Starting the assessment'.

Online assessment via the LMS

If you've chosen to have your students access their assessment via the LMS, once published, the students will either see the test in their 'Active' or 'Upcoming' assessments in the LMS.

Publish & Notify

Once you have chosen to publish your assessment, it will become visible to your students from your LMS course. If you decided to 'Notify student by email' then your students will also receive an email from outlining the assessment details.

Publishing & notifying students of online assessment

The email will contain details of the course name, assessment name, and the assessment times. There will not be a link to their assessment, as they will need to login to the LMS in order to access their assessment.

email from akindi: notification of online assessment

How students access their assessment in the LMS

If you have chosen to have your students access their assessment via the LMS, then your students will need to log in to the LMS, access your course and click 'Launch Akindi'. They will only see a 'Start assessment' button, once the 'Activation time' has passed and the assessment becomes 'Active'.

Students Launching Akindi from LMS course

Starting the assessment

The students have to click 'I agree' to confirm that the student name and student ID listed is accurate and that they are in agreement with the assessment instructions outlined.

Image: assessment instructions and 'I agree' button

Viewing the test questions

No test questions

If you selected 'I don't want to upload test questions', students will only see the bubble sheet layout that you selected.

Multiple versions

If you are running multiple versions of the online assessment, without test questions, students will be required to self-indicate which version of the assessment they are taking.

Gif: Select version and select responses

Display Full PDF

If you selected your test questions to be shown as 'Display Full PDF', the students will see the contents of the PDF you uploaded on the left hand side of the screen, and the bubble sheet layout you selected on the right hand side.

Gif: Scroll through questions and select responses

Multiple versions

If you are running multiple versions of your assessments, with test questions uploaded, Akindi will randomly assign students to a version as soon as they begin the assessment. The students will not know which version of the test they are completing.

One Question at a time

Students will only see one question and the associated answer options on screen at any given time. They can use the 'Index' on the lefthand side to quickly navigate to different questions on the test.

Image: Displaying one question at a time

Preventing backtracking to previous questions

If you disabled the 'Allow backtracking' function then students will not see the 'Previous Question' option and the 'Question Index' will not be displayed to students. They can use the 'Assessment Progress' display to keep track of how many questions they have to complete.

Image: Display one question at a time, backtracking prevented. Assessment progress highlighted.

Timed Assessment

If you chose to set a 'Time limit' by which students have to complete their assessment, then Akindi will display a countdown timer while the students are entering their responses.

Image: Time remaining on assessment

The countdown will begin as soon as the student clicks 'I agree' to begin their online assessment.

Once the countdown timer reaches zero, any answers the student has selected will be automatically submitted to Akindi.

Submitting the assessment

When each student clicks 'Submit', the responses will be processed and graded immediately. Within a few minutes, you should see the student's graded responses in your Akindi results.

Gif: Select response > click submit > confirm submission

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