Advanced marking options allow instructors to control the weight and marking scheme of each question and answer and create Bonus Questions.

Turning on Advanced Marking Options 

To turn on advanced marking options, click the Advanced Marking’ toggle in the top right-hand corner of the answer key creator.

GIF: Turn on Advanced Marking options.

Weighting Questions

You can control the weight - point value - of each question by assigning a weight of zero, a partial mark (e.g. 0.25, 0.5, etc…) or multiple marks (e.g. 2, 5, etc…).

A question with the weight of zero will not affect a student’s mark, but it will be included in the results analysis. This can be useful for survey questions, or to “remove” a question from a test.

Image: Change question weight

Grading Schemes

Exact mark 

Exact Mark is Akindi's default marking scheme. Exact Mark means the student’s response must exactly match the instructor's answer key. 

For example, if the answer is AC, the student will only be awarded a mark for selecting both A and C. If the student selects only A or only C, the student will be given a mark of zero.

This is the default grading scheme.

Image: Exact Mark marking scheme.

Either Or

A student will receive full marks for selecting any of the valid responses.

For example, if the Answer is A or C, the student will receive full marks for selecting A or C or AC, but will receive a score of zero for answering any incorrect answers. 

Image: Either Or marking scheme

Partial Marks 

The student is awarded partial marks for each correct response up to the full weight of the question, but will receive a score of zero if they fill in more bubbles than there are correct answers.

For example, if the correct response is AC, the student will receive partial marks for answering A or C and will receive full marks for answering AC, but will receive a score of zero if they answer ACD. 

If you select 'Deduct incorrect answers', Akindi will award students a partial mark for each correct response and deduct a partial for each incorrect response. Akindi will not allow the question score to go below zero.

Image: Partial Mark marking scheme, deduct incorrect answers.

Bonus Marks

To create a bonus question in Akindi, select the 'Bonus' check-box. This will allow students to be awarded for correct responses, while not affecting their score for incorrect responses. 

Image: Selecting a Bonus Mark

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