You are able to edit your answer key anytime from your course dashboard or from the Results Analysis page and Akindi will regrade the uploaded test sheets or the submitted responses against the new answer key. 

Editing from Course Dashboard

Click ‘Edit Answer Key on your course dashboard and you will be taken to the Answer Key Creator. You can then change a single answer or enter an entirely new answer key. Changes will save automatically unless you are editing an online assessment, where you may need to click 'Save & Continue' at the top of the page.

Image: Edit Answer Key on course dashboard.

Editing From Results Analysis Page

In the ‘Responses’ tab of the Results Analysis page, double-click on the answer you would like to change (top row of the Responses Table) and a small window will open. You will have the ability to change the answer or edit the weight and grading scheme. 

Any changes will not be saved automatically. Once you edit the answer key, be sure to click 'Save Changes'

GIF: Double click answer key > Edit answer key > Ok > Save Changes.

To learn more about creating an answer key, visit our ‘Full Guide to Creating an Answer Key’.  

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