From your course dashboard, select ‘Analyze Results’ of the desired assessment. The ‘Actions’ button will be in the top right-hand corner (this is different from the ‘Course Actions’ button on your course dashboard), which will provide you with the following options:

  • Downloading CSV

  • Download Question Breakdown CSV

  • Email students their grades

  • Download corrected sheets

All of these reports feature the results from only one particular assessment - if you would like the data for the entire course, see Download Course Data”.

GIF: View Results > Actions dropdown menu.

Downloading the Results as a CSV

By clicking ‘Download CSV’ under the ‘Actions’ menu, you will download all the information contained in the ‘Responses’ tab. It will provide the student’s grade as well as their answer for each question. 

Prior to downloading, you can choose whether to sort the CSV by student name or number. You can also choose to download all sections in the same file or create individual files for each section. Only students who have taken that particular test, will appear in the downloaded CSV. 

Downloading the Question Breakdown

Downloading the Question Breakdown under the ‘Actions’ menu in the results tab, provides the result breakdown, the point biserial score, and the answer breakdown for each question.

Emailing students their grades

If your class roster included emails, you also have the option to send the grades directly to the students by selecting ‘Email students their grades’ under the 'Actions' menu. The students will be provided with a secure link to their grade, a short breakdown of how they did, and a preview of their bubble sheet.

Image: Student Result Page: Student name, grade, questions they got correct, questions they got incorrect, preview of completed test sheet.

For more information, visit our 'Emailing students their Grades' guide.

Download the Corrected Test Sheets

‘Download corrected sheets’ creates a PDF of every students’ completed test and indicates which questions were answered correctly and incorrectly. This can be downloaded under the ‘Actions’ menu on the results tab. 

Downloading the Course Data

If you would like to download the grades from all assessments in one file, click ‘Download CSV’ under the ‘Course Actions’ menu on your course dashboard. 

Image: Course Dashboard > Course Actions > Download CSV

Exporting Data to an LMS

If your school has the Akindi LMS integration, click ‘Send grades to LMS’ under the ‘Actions’ menu and the grades will sync back to your course shell!

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