1. Creating an Assessment

Once you've created your course, click the 'Create Assessment' button on the top right hand corner.

Create Assessment Button in top-right corner

Set up your assessment by choosing a Course, adding the Assessment Name, and selecting ‘Paper’ as the Assessment type.

Select a bubble sheet layout for your assessment. You'll also have the choice of allowing Akindi to pre-fill the test sheets with the student IDs. Click 'Save & Continue'.

GIF of Select layout, Prefill student information and sort printed test sheets by Student ID

If you are planning on providing your class with different versions of the exam questions, click here for more details on how this works in Akindi.

2. Creating an Answer Key

Enter your answer key by selecting the correct response for each question. Turn on ‘advanced marking’ options to control the weight and grading scheme of each question. Click 'Continue'.

Select correct response for each question using the digital bubbles.

3. Printing Test Sheets

On the next step, click 'Print Bubble Sheets' to open a PDF of your test sheets, download the PDF test sheets and print them using any printer and regular paper.

Click 'Print Bubble Sheets' to open PDF of test sheets

4. Scanning and Uploading Test Sheets

After the test has been completed, scan the test sheets to a PDF using any scanner and select ‘Upload sheets’ to upload the PDF to Akindi.

Click Upload Sheets, Select File, then Upload.

5. Resolving Exceptions

When scanning the test sheets, Akindi will call exceptions if student information is missing or mis-filled, if a student bubbles-in more responses than the answer key contains, or if a page wasn't able to be graded.

Select the one of the presented suggestions to or search the student name by ID of student number in the dropdown menu.

Resolve student ID exception by searching student in dropdown menu.

6. Analyzing the results

Once the sheets have been uploaded, click 'View Results'. Our results analysis help you to answer two main questions: how well did the student do and how well was the test designed.

Question Breakdown Analysis

7. Exporting the Test Results

There are a number of ways to export the results using the 'Actions' dropdown menu. Export the raw results into a CSV file, download the question breakdown in a CSV, email students their grades.

You may also have the option of sending the grades directly to your Learning Management System. This button will appear next to the 'Action's dropdown menu.

Actions dropdown menu, select desired export.
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