Create Multi-Version Paper Assessments

When creating an assessment, ensure 'Paper' is selected and click ‘Turn on multiple versions’ to select the number of versions you would like. Akindi can support up six versions.

GIF: Turn on multiple versions > select number of versions from dropdown menu.

Create Multiple Answer Keys

You will have to create an answer key for each version of the test. Select the version from the drop-down menu at the top of the answer key creator and enter your answer key for each version.

GIF: Enter answer key > Select version from dropdown menu> Enter answer key.

Assigning Versions to Students

On multi-version tests, students need to self-identify which version they are writing on their Akindi bubble sheet. Akindi will read the version bubble and automatically grade it against the appropriate answer key, so no need to sort or scan sheets by version!

Image: Version bubbles on test sheet.

Analyzing Results with Multiple Versions

You will be able to analyze individual versions or the results as a whole. At this time we only show an answer breakdown and point biserial for one version at a time- you will need to select a version in the top left-hand corner to view these reports.

GIF: Filter test results by section and version using dropdown menus.

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