Creating an Assessment

Once you’ve created a course, click the 'Create Assessment' button in the top right corner. 

From the create assessment page, you can choose the appropriate course, name the assessment, and choose a layout. You also have the ability to prefill the sheets with your class roster, and customize the assessment header with the course and assessment name.

As you make updates to your assessment, you will see a real-time preview on the right! 

Once you create your assessment, you will be prompted to create your answer key. Visit our 'Creating an Answer Key' guide to learn more. 

GIF: Create Assessment > Select course > Enter assessment name > Select layout.

Creating an Assessment with Multiple Versions

To create an assessment with multiple versions, click ‘Turn on multiple versions’ at the bottom of the assessment window and select the number of versions you would like. Akindi supports up to 6 versions.

Be sure to create an answer key for each version and remind the students to bubble in their version number. 

GIF: Turn on multiple versions > Select Version from dropdown menu on Answer Key Editor.

Custom Test Layouts and Templates

If you don’t see a template you need, let us know! We are continuously adding new templates based on your feedback. 

We also offer fully customized bubble sheets for a small fee.

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