1. Creating an Assessment

When creating an assessment, set the 'Assessment Type' as 'Online' and the 'Test Questions Display' to 'One question at a time'.

2. Entering your Test Questions

You can enter the content of your test questions into Akindi in a number of different ways.


Just start typing directly onto the page to create your first question. Click "enter" or "return" on your keyboard once to enter a new answer option. To create a new question, click "enter" or "return" twice.

Gif: Typing questions & answers

Copy and Pasting in questions

You can use copy and paste functions (including keyboard shortcuts) to copy your complete test from a Word document and then paste it into the Akindi Author. You can also copy and paste directly within the Akindi Author page.

Gif: Pasting test question content into Akindi Author

Importing questions

Click the "Import Questions" button on the right hand panel in order to upload a Word Document or .docx file of your test questions.

Gif: Import Questions > Upload file > Review Questions & Answers

3. Question & Answer Categorization

However you enter your questions in Akindi Author, Akindi will attempt to categorize your content as either questions or answer options.

Unidentified items

Any unidentified items will have a red icon marked next to them, and need to be categorized or deleted before you can click 'Save & Continue', and move on to the next step in the assessment process. Either click on the icon and error message or select the menu option in order to categorize the item as either a 'question' or an 'answer option'.

Gif: Select error message > click

Recategorizing items

You can also use the menu to recategorize a question to become an answer option, and vice versa.

Entering an Answer Key

There are two ways to enter your answer key into Akindi Author.

If you are importing your test questions, you can format the answer key into your Word document before uploading the docx. file.

Alternatively, select the correct answer option(s) for each question on the assessment. To change the question type or the weight of the question, click on the menu item next to the question.

Gif: Select correct answer> select menu option> change question type and weight

4. Finalizing your test questions

Once you've finished reviewing your test questions and entering the answer key, click 'Save & Continue' to set your assessment times and publish or email the assessment to students.

You can return to edit your test questions and your answer key at any point. From your course dashboard, click 'Edit questions & answer key' and you'll be taken back to the 'Akindi Author' page.

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