Akindi's automatic question and answer identification is designed for you to upload your existing, unedited test question Word Document (.docx).

Question and Answer Identification

Akindi will identify questions and answers that are formatted in a standard Multiple Choice style layout. Akindi looks for a period or parenthesis after the question number and the answer letter.

Below are various examples of question formatting that Akindi will recognize.

  1. What year was Akindi founded?

    1. 2010

    2. 2011

    3. 2012

    4. 2013

2) What is the Akindi Team’s go-to team lunch spot?

A) Fresh

B) Wilbur Mexicana

C) Impact Kitchen


E) Burgers Priest

3. Akindi has graded over 8 million test sheets.

a. True

b. False

Answer Key Identification

Indicate the correct answer for each question using boldface, italics, or a different coloured font and Akindi will automatically identify the answer key.

Below are various examples of answer keys that Akindi will recognize.

Answer key identified for each question using either boldface, italics, or a different coloured font

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