Accessing the online assessment preview

  1. Once you have set up your online assessment, you'll have the option to see a preview in the 'View Online Assessment Status' page.

'View Online Assessment Status' button on course dashboard

2. Click 'Preview Assessment'.

'Preview assessment' button

Your assessment preview will open in a new tab.

3. You will see the deadline and the time limit that you set for the assessment within the assessment instructions.

Assessment instructions showing assessment times

4. Click 'I agree' to view the online assessment preview

You'll see the online assessment you created, along with any settings you enabled.

Online Assessment Preview

Previewing multiple versions of the assessment

For 'Display Full PDF' assessments with multiple versions, you'll be able to toggle between the version of the assessment you want to preview.

Preview assessment dropdown menu for multiple versions

For more details on how assessment previews work and how they differ from a real Akindi Online assessment, take a look at our FAQ guide.

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