We've tried to mimic the student experience as much as possible, but there are a number of differences between an assessment preview and the real thing.

Assessment times

1. You can open the assessment preview outside of the activation window. This is different from the student’s experience in that the students will not be able to access/open an assessment before the activation date or after the deadline.

2. Every time you open the assessment preview the timer will restart. In a real assessment, once the student clicks 'I agree' to begin the assessment, the time limit will not pause or reset if they refresh or leave the page.

Completing the assessment

1. Your selected answers are not saved in an assessment preview. As a student is writing the assessment, Akindi is saving their responses. In the event that their browser crashes or looses internet connection, Akindi will retrieve their saved responses so they can continue where they left off. In an assessment preview, Akindi does not save the selected responses so when you re-open you will be starting from a blank slate.

2. Your responses are not submitted. You'll have the option to click 'Submit' in the assessment preview, however your attempt will not be graded or appear in Akindi results.

Assessment settings

1. You'll be able to select which version of the assessment preview you want to access. For 'Display Full PDF' assessments with multiple versions, you'll be able to toggle between the version of the assessment preview you want to view. Students taking the assessment, will not have the option to choose, but will be randomly assigned to a version of the assessment when they begin the test.

2. The order of your questions will not be randomized. If you have enabled 'Automated Scrambling' of your test questions, each student in your course roster will see the test questions in a different order. However, in the assessment preview, you'll see the test questions in the same order as they appear in your uploaded word document.

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