Akindi allows instructors to display their test questions to students in two different ways.

Click 'Create assessment' and select 'Online' as the 'Assessment Type' in the first step.

You'll then use the 'Test Questions Display' dropdown menu to choose how you want your questions to be presented to your students.

Test Questions Display field highlighted on the 'Create Assessment' page

Options for Test Questions Display

Display Full PDF

If selected, in the next step, you will upload your test questions to Akindi in a PDF file.

Your questions will be displayed to students, exactly as they appear in the PDF file, alongside the bubble sheet layout that you will be prompted to choose

Online assessment with the pdf file and the bubble sheet layout displayed

One question at a time

In the next step, you will upload your questions in a Word document or .docx file. Akindi will attempt to read and identify all the questions and answer options in your document, and we'll ask you to review this before moving on. Take a look at our 'Review Questions & Enter Answer Key' page for more information.

Gif: Upload Word document of test questions

Students will only see one question and the associated answer options on screen at any given time. Students will be able to proceed freely to any question during the assessment, unless the ‘allow backtracking’ option has been disabled

Online assessment with one question at a time displayed

I don’t want to upload test questions

By selecting this option, you're confirming that you want to provide the test questions outside of Akindi. Students will only be presented with the bubble sheet layout that you choose in the first step of creating an assessment

Online assessment with bubble sheet layout only displayed

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