If you have selected 'Question Scrambling' and/or to display the test 'One question at a time', you'll need to import your test questions and review that the categorizations are correct before moving on.

Unidentified items

Any unidentified items will appear as red blocks and need to be categorized before you can click 'Save & Continue' and move on.

Image: Number of unidentified items

Omitting text from the assessment

To remove text that is neither a question, nor an answer option, use the dropdown menu to select 'Omitted'. This means this will not be displayed to students in the assessment.

Gif: Select 'Omitted' from dropdown menu

Changing an 'Answer option' to a 'Question'

You can also use the dropdown menu to recategorize a question to become an answer option, and vice versa.

Gif: Change 'Answer option' to 'Question'

Adding Questions & Answer Options

You can use the '+' icon to add a new block in the line above or below.

Gif: Adding a new block

Entering an Answer Key

This is also the place where you'll enter your answer key for the assessment. Simply select the correct answer for each question.

Gif: Select correct answer

You can also change the question type and the weighting of each question by clicking 'Display Advanced Marking'.

Gif: Turn on 'Display Advanced Marking' and change question type and weight of question

All your progress will be saved as a draft while you edit this page, but you'll need to click 'Save & Continue' to move onto the next step.

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