1. Register a new app in Brightspace

A. Follow the setup instructions here to register a new app: https://community.brightspace.com/s/article/New-App-Registration-Process-Easy-and-Instant
B. The "Trusted URL" is: https://akindi.com/api/d2l/valance-auth
C. Send the Application ID and the Application Key to Akindi
D. Send Akindi the URL of the Brightspace installation (eg. "https://d2l.yourschool.com")

A. Follow the steps to configure the external tool link: https://community.brightspace.com/s/article/ka1610000000pVXAAY/The-Why-and-How-of-setting-up-an-External-Learning-Tool-Provider
B. Use following the values during configuration:

Title: Launch Akindi
URL: https://akindi.com/api/d2l/lti-launch
Visibility: [X] Allow users to view this link
    [X] Sign messages with key/secret with
    [o] Link key/secret
    Key: the key provided by Akindi
    Secret: the secret key provided by Akindi
Security Settings:
    [o] Use link security settings
    [x] (check all checkboxes)
Make link available to:
    [x] select all appropriate org units

A. Follow these instructions to add Akindi to the navigation bar: https://community.brightspace.com/s/article/ka1610000000pY7AAI/How-to-Add-an-LTI-Link-to-a-NavBar


  • Student IDs come from the OrgDefinedId field D2L. Double check that this field contains the student’s numeric student ID.

  • Any non-numeric values will be stripped from the student ID. For example, the student id "ABC1234" will become "1234"

  • Only students with a role that contains the word "student" will be synchronized. If you use a different role name for students, let us know so we can update our end.

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