1. Register the Tool

a. Akindi will provide you with information to enter into the following fields in Brightspace.

  • Domain

  • Redirect URLs

  • OpenId Connect Login URL

  • Keyset URL

  • Target Link URI

b. Log into Brightspace Admin account, select the gear icon, and then navigate to the ‘Manage Extensibility’ page.

c. Select the LTI Advantage tab, and then select the Register Tool button.

d. Enter a title for the tool registration.

e. Copy the info provided by Akindi in an earlier step and paste into the D2L fields: Domain, Redirect URLs, OpenID Connect Login URL, Keyset URL, Target Link URI

f. Go to the "Extensions" section and select the checkboxes for Assignment and Grade Services, Deep Linking, Names and Role Processing Services.

g. Ensure the "Send Institutional Role" check-box is selected, and then use the Register button to complete the registration in Brightspace.

h. A modal will appear on the screen. Copy the information from the following fields, as this will need to be provided to Akindi: Client Id, Brightspace Keyset URL, OpenID Connect Authentication Endpoint, Oauth2 access token url, Oauth2 audience and Issuer.

g. Provide the above values to your Akindi Customer Success Manager

2. Deploying the tool

a. Once you've finished configuring the registration from the 'Manage Extensibility' modal, you can access the deployments page by selecting the View Deployments link. Otherwise, you can open the Manage Extensibility modal and select your recently configured registration. The link to View Deployments is found at the bottom of the edit page.

b. Select the New Deployment button.

c. In the Deploy Tool, select the integration you previously configured from the Tool dropdown.

d. Add a name. You can use the same name as earlier in the process or you can enter a new name.

e. In the Security Settings section, select all of the checkboxes except for Anonymous.

f. Add all the Org Units that will use the tool.

3. Linking the Tool

a. Navigate to the Link page for your deployment:

  • At the end of the Deploying the Tool step, a link is shown to the View Links page.

  • Alternatively, Navigate to Manage Extensibility > LTI Advantage > [Your Tool] > View Deployments > [Your Deployment] > View Links, and select the New Link button.

b. Enter the name as "Launch Akindi".

c. To get the Redirect URL, locate the information that Akindi provided to you in Step 1 (Registering the tool). Copy this into the URL field in Brightspace.

d. Change the Type dropdown to Deep Linking QuickLink

e. To complete linking the launch, click the Save and Close button.

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