1. Edit the Class Roster Tab
Select the course from the left hand-panel and go to the 'Class Roster' tab. Edit the table as if it were a spreadsheet (editing student names, student IDs, emails, or add new students to the bottom of the existing students. 

As you continue to add students, Akindi will continue to add additional rows. 

Once edits are complete, click 'Save Changes' at the top of the Class Roster table.

2. Upload an updated CSV or Excel file. 

Select the course from the left hand-panel, click 'Upload Roster', and select the updated Excel or CSV file. Akindi will identify any changes that occurred (e.g. name changes, section number changes, new students added, students removed, etc…). All the changes can be seen by clicking ‘Preview Changes’ in the roster upload window. Click 'Save Changes'

GIF: Upload Student Roster > Preview Changes > Save Roster. 

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