Creating the test

Start with the test document that you will be giving your students and indicate the correct answer of each question using boldface, italics, or a different color. 

Questions that start with a number followed by a period of parenthesis will be detected automatically. 

Image: Indicate correct response using boldface, italics, or a different coloured font. Akindi can recognize vertically or horizontally aligned distractors.

Uploading the Questions

To upload your questions, click ‘Upload Questions’ in the top right-hand corner of the answer key interface and select either a PDF or Word document. 

Once the questions are uploaded, you can turn on advanced marking options to control the weight and grading scheme of each question. 

All set? Select ‘Replace Answer Key’ at the top of the page to save it. 

GIF: Upload Questions > Select file > Verify answer key > Replace Answer key.

This feature is in Beta! Please feel free to send us any feedback or let us know if you face hiccups. We appreciate your patience as we work out the kinks.

To learn more about the other ways to complete an answer key, visit our guide on Creating Your Answer Key Online, Copying and Pasting Your Answer Key, and Scanning an Answer Key

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