Upload the assessment questions from a Word Document (docx. file) and indicate the correct answer using Boldface, Italics, or a different color and Akindi will automatically populate the answer key for you.

1. Creating & Formatting the test questions

Create your test questions in a Word Document or export your existing questions to a docx. file.

Question and Answer Identification

  • Questions and answers should be structured vertically, with each item appearing on a different line.

  • Akindi looks for a period or parenthesis after the question number and the answer letter.

  • Indicate the correct answer for each question using boldface, italics, or a different coloured font and Akindi will automatically identify the answer key.

    N.B. At this time, Akindi cannot recognize 'highlighted' text.

Image: Answer key identified for each question using either boldface, italics, or a different coloured font

2. Uploading the Questions

Click 'Upload answer key' and upload your test question docx. file which should include your answer key formatting.


3. Resolving issues

You will be directed to the Akindi Author page in order to check that Akindi has successfully identified the correct number of questions, and that your complete answer key has been detected.

On the right hand side, you will see the number of "questions" and "marks" that Akindi was able to identify, as well as any detected "issues".


Unidentified items

You will need to categorize or delete any content that cannot be categorized as a question or answer and has been marked as 'Unidentified'.

Click on the "Issues" label to skip to the first issue on the page.

Gif: Click on Issues and skip to the next issue in your document

Deleting items

To remove text that is neither a question, nor an answer option, simply highlight the text and click "delete" on your keyboard.

Gif: Highlight text and click

Categorizing items

Click on the icon and error message or select the menu option in order to categorize the item as either a 'question' or an 'answer option'.

Gif: Select error message > click

4. Reviewing your answer key

Akindi will "fill in" what it has detected as the correct answer option for each question.

Image: Correct answer option filled in

You can edit your answer key on this page by unselecting an answer option and/or selecting new answer options.

To change the question type or the weight of the question, click on the menu item next to the question.

Gif: Select correct answer> select menu option> change question type and weight

Click 'Save & Continue' to return to the answer key editor page, where you can continue to edit the answer key, or change the weight and the grading scheme by selecting 'Display Advanced Marking'.

Gif: Click 'Save & Continue' to return to the answer key editor page

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