Creating a Course and Uploading a Roster

Create a course by selecting 'add course' under the 'Courses' heading on the left-hand panel. Once in the courses tab, you can upload an Excel (.xls or .xslx) or CSV (.csv) file by clicking 'Upload Roster'. Akindi will automatically recognize the student names, ID numbers, section numbers, and emails but you can double check this by clicking 'Preview Changes'. Once everything looks good, click 'Save Roster'

You can also copy and paste your roster into the ‘Class Roster’ tab as if it were a spreadsheet. 

GIF: Upload Roster > Select file > Preview Changes > Select column headers  > Save Changes

Editing a Course Roster

If you would like to edit your course roster, upload a new CSV or Excel file. Akindi will identify any changes that occurred to existing students, any new students added, and any students who dropped the course. All these changes can be seen by clicking ‘Preview Changes’ in the roster upload window.

GIF: Previewing changes: New students, changed students, dropped students, unchanged students.

You can also make edits to your roster under the ‘Class Roster’ tab in your course dashboard as if it were an excel sheet. 

Managing Multiple Sections

Akindi allows instructors to create and manage multiple sections in the same course. When uploading your class roster, include their section number on the Excel or CSV file and Akindi will allow you to filter your class and results based on section number.

Skipping the Class Roster Upload

We recommend uploading a class roster prior to your first assessment, but it is not mandatory. You can upload your roster at any point.

If you choose to skip the class roster upload, Akindi will identify the student numbers provided on the first assessment and will auto-populate your class roster. 

Akindi LMS integration

Akindi integrates will all major Learning Management Systems (Canvas, Desire2Learn, Blackboard, and Moodle). If you come to Akindi through your LMS, your course and class roster will automatically sync and you’ll be ready to create your first assessment. 

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