Once your students have written the test,  you can scan and upload the sheets!

Scanning the Sheets

To scan the sheets, use any scanner with a document feeder. The default settings should be fine, just make sure the four black squares and the QR code are clearly visible and the scan is being saved as a PDF.

If you are scanning a large volume of tests, we recommend scanning them in 100-sheet batches in grey-scale at a resolution of 100 DPI to reduce the file size.

Image: Corner squares and QR code circled on test sheet.

Emailing Scanned Sheets

If your scanner has email capabilities, you can scan the sheets directly to your unique Akindi-provided email. This email can be found on your course dashboard. 

Once the sheets have been processed - usually within a few seconds of being scanned -  you will receive an email with a link to check the results. 

Image: Course Dashboard Upload Sheets button.

Uploading PDFs

If you choose to upload the scanned sheets as a PDF (or multiple PDFs), click 'Upload Sheets on your course dashboard. 

You can also upload more sheets by clicking the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of the results analysis tab and selecting ‘Upload more sheets’

You can upload multiple tests in the same PDF by unchecking the 'force upload' button. Akindi will read the QR code on each test and sort the sheets into the correct assessment. 

On the other hand, you can use a blank assessment sheet from an old assessment by checking the 'force upload' button. Akindi will disregard the QR code and upload all the sheets into the same assessment. 

GIF: Upload Sheets > Select File > Upload.

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