Use the 'Adjust Marks' feature to add marks to the students assessment result.

Please note: Akindi will preserve the existing grade distribution and adjust all students' marks equally.

1. From your course dashboard click 'View Results'.

2. Click the 'Actions' dropdown menu and select 'Adjust Grades'.

Actions > Adjust Grades

3. Akindi will display the current lowest, highest, and average mark.

Enter the desired number of marks to be added to the students' results.

Akindi will display the adjusted lowest, highest, and average mark. Click 'Save'.

By default, Akindi will allow students' marks to exceed 100%. To prevent students' marks from exceeding 100%, uncheck the checkbox.

Enter the desired number of marks, click 'Save'.

4. An 'Adjusted Mark' column will be added to the 'Responses' tab. The adjusted mark will be displayed on all result exports and will be the grade that is sent the LMS Gradebook.

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