What does "Invalid versions" mean?

In order for Akindi to grade each student against the correct version of the answer key, students are required to fill out which version of the assessment they are writing, on their Akindi bubble sheet.

Image: Versions on student bubble sheet

When this information is missing, Akindi presents the issue to the instructor to resolve by allocating the student to a version.

IMAGE: Invalid versions

Assigning students to the correct version

You can click into the image, to pull up the student's completed test sheet, which may help you figure out which version they completed. Then use the radio buttons to select the the version you want to assign the student to.

Another way to resolve the "Invalid Version" exceptions is from the "Responses" tab.

You can sort the "Responses" table by version. Click on the 'Version' column title which will sort the column and allow you to pull the missing versions to the top.

Then use the dropdown menu to select a version. Akindi will instantly display the student's mark and percentage grade when graded against the selected Version. By checking the mark and/or percentage grade, you can figure out which version the student completed through trial and error.

Click 'save changes' at the top of the table when you've finished making changes.

GIF: Sort table and select a version

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