All instructors have access to import an unlimited number of .docx files, and Akindi will digitize the content.

Using Akindi Importer without a school license

If your school does not have a license for the Akindi Importer, you will see a banner at the top of the page notifying you that you have limited access to the Importer.

Image: Banner showing that QTI downloads are limited

Instructors without a school license can download one free QTI or XML file per year, which can then be imported into the Learning Management System's quizzes.

Once this quota has been used, Instructors can continue to upload more .docx files, but will not have the ability to download any more QTI or XML files from the Akindi Importer.

How to request a license for your school

You'll have the ability to send a request to access the unrestricted version of the Akindi Importer, which provides instructors with an unlimited number of QTI files that they can import into the LMS quizzes.

Click 'Send request' and the Akindi team will notify your school's admin of ongoing requests, and discuss the possibility of a license with them.

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