Multiple Choice, Multiple Response Questions & True/False Questions

To indicate the correct answer in your .docx file, use the following formatting options for multiple choice and multiple response questions:

  • Use an answer tag e.g. "Answer: C"

  • Bold the entire answer option

  • Add an asterisk to the right of the answer option

  • Add an asterisk to the left of the answer option

  • Highlight the entire answer option

IMG: Answer Key examples in .docx file

Open ended Questions

Akindi will only be able to recognize the correct answer for open ended questions in the .docx file, if the question has an answer tag e.g. "Answer:" Append the answer tag and colon after the question.

IMG: Example of open ended question answer tag

Fill in the Blank

Answers should be contained within square brackets (and separated by commas if there are multiple correct options).

Alternatively, you can also appendix the answers to the bottom of the .docx file. To do this, write the word "Answer Scheme", and then write out the relevant question numbers and the correct answer for each of those questions.

Select dropdown

Possible options are defined inside the square brackets with the correct answer annotated by asterisk either at the front or the back of the option.

Image: Asterisk indicating correct answer option

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