Supported Question Types

We support all the question types outlined in the table, although some Learning Management Systems do not offer full support for these.

Formatting the Word document

Akindi relies on natural language processing in order to understand your questions. Therefore, there’s very few formatting restraints. For example, you can format:

  • With or without question numbers e.g “1.”

  • With or without letters for answer options “a.”

  • Answer options all on the same line or on separate lines

Indicating the answer key in your .docx file

You can format the answer options in many ways to highlight what the correct answer is for each question. Boldface, italics, *asterisk, highlight, or outlined below the question e.g. “Answer: C”

Non-text elements

We fully support the inclusion of tables and images in your .docx file

Matching questions

Akindi relies on the copy "match the ....” being somewhere in the question, in order to categorize it as a ‘Matching question’.

To ensure the answer key is recognized, use the structure below (otherwise you can easily select the correct answers once uploaded to the Importer).

  1. Match the following statements with the correct answers:

    Akindi’s favourite lunch spot = Wilber

    Akindi operates out of = Toronto

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