Accessing the Importer

Enable Akindi in your LMS course shell. You can find instructions on how to do this for each Learning Management System below:

Click the "Launch Akindi" link and you'll then see the option to "Launch Importer".

Uploading Test Questions

Akindi Importer will only accept .docx files, however we provide a lot of flexibility when it comes to formatting within the document. You shouldn’t need to reformat anything within your .docx file, before uploading, but we have outlined some formatting FAQs here.

Click within the 'Upload' box or drag and drop your .docx file into the box. Akindi will then begin the process of uploading your file.

Upload .docx file box

Once uploaded, you'll see the contents of your test questions displayed in Akindi.

Gif: Scrolling Importer page and clicking 'Download QTI' button

Reviewing the contents

Scroll to review each question, to ensure Akindi has imported and is displaying the question and answer content as it appears in your .docx file.

Answer keys

The correct answer is indicated in Akindi by the highlighted cell for multiple choice questions, the text displayed in the answer box for open-ended questions, and the text displayed for Fill in the Blank or Matching questions. You can edit the answer key in Akindi for any of these question types.

Editing content

Double click into any text, table or image to edit it. Changes will be automatically saved on the page.

Downloading the QTI/XML file

Click the 'Download QTI' dropdown menu and select your Learning Management System. A modal will appear, where you'll have the option to download the file once it's ready.

Uploading the QTI/XML file to your LMS question bank

Your file is ready to upload to the LMS! For instructions on how to import your file to your LMS, take a look at the resources below.

Importing QTI file to Canvas New Quizzes

Importing QTI file to Canvas Classic Quizzes

Importing QTI file to Blackboard

Importing QTI file to D2L (Brightspace)

Importing XML file to Moodle

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