Updates & Improvements

1. "Bulk Changes" to Answer Key

"Bulk changes" allows instructors to make adjustments to the grading scheme, or the question weight, for all the questions in their answer key, in one go. This can be accessed from the "Enter Answer Key" page, under the "More Options" dropdown menu.

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For "One question at a time" assessments, "Bulk Changes" can be accessed from the side menu of the "Author Questions" page.


2. "More Options" on Answer Key page

Additional methods for entering an answer key into Akindi, such as "Copy and Paste Answer Key" and "Upload Answer Key", can now be found under the "More Options" dropdown menu.


3. "Create Assessment" Page Settings

When creating an online assessment, "One Question at a Time" assessments are now the default "Test Question Display" option. Instructors still have the option to choose other "Test Question Display" options using the dropdown menu.

Other options on this page have been re-ordered.

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