Akindi allows instructors to deliver quality and reliable online assessments to their class in just a few steps.

1. Creating assessments

Create or import your test questions, with simplicity and ease, using Akindi Author.

The Author operates just like a Word document, allowing you to type freely or copy and paste all your questions in one go.

Gif: Typing & copying and pasting questions into Akindi Author

You can also import your test questions from a Word document into Akindi Author, and make edits directly in Akindi.

Gif: Uploading a docx. file to Akindi Author

2. Delivering the test to students

Publish your assessment to your course shell in Canvas, D2L, Blackboard or Moodle

Gif:Publishing the assessment & notifying students by email

so students can securely access all their assessments from a central location.

Gif: accessing the

3. Monitoring and supporting your students

The Online Assessment Status page, acts as a central hub to help you monitor students progress in real time

Image: View of Online Assessment Status page

and easily take action during the assessment.

Gif: Reopen assessment attempt for a student

4. Getting the most out of your results

With Akindi Results, access easy-to-understand analytics that aim to answer two questions: "How well did my students do?" and "How well was my test designed?"

Gif: Viewing Results Analysis in Akindi

When you're ready, send the grades back to your LMS gradebook with the click of a button.

Image: Send Grades to Canvas button highlighted

Message the Akindi support team if you have any questions or are interested in a demo.

GIF: Click
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