If you have selected 'Deliver via LMS' for your online assessment, then your students will be accessing their test by clicking the 'Launch Akindi' link in your Canvas course.

You can now check that your students will be able to access Akindi from your course, and to get a sense of what they will see by using the 'Student View' in Canvas.

  1. Access the 'Online Assessment Status' page in Akindi

    From your course dashboard, select ‘View Online Assessment Status’.

    Image: View Online Assessment Status button on Akindi dashboard

    Click 'Publish to Canvas'

    Gif: Publish to Canvas > Notify students by email

    2. Access 'Student View' in your Canvas course

    In your Canvas course, click 'Student View'

    Image: 'Student View' button in Canvas

    3. Click 'Launch Akindi'

Click the 'Launch Akindi' link that appears in your course navigation menu or in your course "Modules".

Gif: Click 'Launch Akindi' from Canvas Course

You should see a list of all the assessments that you have published to Canvas from within this course in Akindi.

Image: Student Portal view of Active & Upcoming Akindi Assessments

If the 'Activation time' has passed already, you will see the assessment listed under 'Active assessments' and will have access to a 'Start assessment' button which will take you to a preview of that particular assessment.

If the 'Activation time' is in the future, Akindi will list this assessment under 'Upcoming assessments' and therefore you will not see a button to start the assessment.

Akindi will also display any past assessments from this course that were published to Canvas.

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