Updates & Improvements

  1. Student survey at the end of online assessments

To make it easier for students to provide feedback on their Akindi experience, we've added a voluntary feedback survey which appears after the student has submitted their assessment attempt. All survey responses are anonymous.

2. Expand Test Question PDF

For online assessments where the test question display is 'Display Full PDF', the PDF iFrame now occupies more space on the webpage and students also have the option to temporarily expand the test questions to full screen.

3. Time Spent completing Assessment

As soon as the student clicks 'I agree' to start their assessment, we'll display how long they have been completing the assessment for, and when they submit their assessment attempt, we'll display the total amount of time that they spent completing their assessment.

You can now see this information in the 'Online Assessment Status' page under the 'Time Spent' column.​

4. Link to Akindi Results from the 'Online Assessment Status' page

Navigate from the 'Online Assessment Status' page to your Akindi Results, with one click.

5. 'Last Synchronized' time stamp

Akindi displays a time stamp to indicate the last time it updated the assessment status for each student in the course roster.

6. Display 'Submitted' status on the Student Portal

When an attempt has been successfully submitted, Akindi will display a 'Submitted' label next to the assessment on the student's Student Portal in the LMS.

Bug fixes

  • Clicking 'Print Bubble Sheets' from an online assessment is no longer removing the uploaded test questions

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