Step 1:

Login to your Learning Management system (Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, or Moodle), select the desired course and click the "Launch Akindi" link.

You will see your active, upcoming and past assessments.

Launch Akindi and view assessments

Each assessment has an activation date and deadline. This is the time frame in which the assessment will be available to be completed.

If the instructor chose to enforce a time-limit on your assessment, that will be displayed. This is the allotted time you have to complete the assessment.

Step 2:

After the activation date and time has passed, the assessment will be listed as Active. Click "Start assessment" to begin your test.

Step 3:

Please read the instructions carefully before clicking "I agree."

Once you click 'I agree' to start the assessment, the timer will begin.

Clicking 'I agree' to start the assessment

Your instructor is able to monitor your progress throughout the assessment.

Step 4:

Once you've completed the assessment, click "Submit".

Click submit to finish assessment

If you have not submitted the assessment by the end of the timer or the deadline, Akindi will automatically submit your responses.

After the assessment has been completed, it will be visible under "Past Assessments".

Your instructor will make the grades available at a later date in your LMS gradebook.

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