Akindi's Student Portal allows students to access their Akindi assessments through the 'Launch Akindi' link in their LMS course shell.

This makes it easier to students to track their upcoming and active assessments, locate their assessment links and makes Akindi even more secure.

Before we begin, please ensure the the "Launch Akindi" link is visible to students in your LMS course shell:

Making Akindi visible to students in your Blackboard course

Making Akindi visible to students in your D2L course

Making Akindi visible to students in your Canvas course

1. Create Assessment

Customize Assessment

Log into Akindi and click "Create Assessment". Selected a course, entered the assessment name and set the Assessment type to "Online"

Select "Deliver via LMS".

Selecting 'Deliver via LMS' as the Assessment Delivery

Select how you'd like to display your test questions, either "Full PDF Display", "One question at a time" or choose to not display questions in Akindi.

Finish setting up your assessment by customizing the test question display, uploading the test questions, entering the answer key and setting the assessment schedule.

2. Publishing the Assessment

On the Online Assessment Status page, Akindi will display the assessment status and indicate whether it is unpublished, published, opened or submitted.

While an assessment is unpublished, it will not be visible to students.

To publish the assessment, Click "Publish Assessment to LMS".

You can choose to notify the students by email that an assessment has been published.

Publish assessment and notify students

When the assessment is published, it will be listed as a "Upcoming assessment" on the student's portal.

Student Experience

Once the activation date and time passes, the assessment will then be listed as an "Active Assessment" and the student can begin the test.

Akindi authenticates students using the LMS credentials and prevents students from opening the assessment outside the Learning Management System.

Student starting assessment from LMS

Once the student completes the test, it will be listed as a "Past Assessment" on the student's portal and their grade will be available to you in the Results Analysis.

Akindi results

Track Student Progress

You can track the student's progress from the Online Assessment Status page monitoring who has opened the assessment and how many questions they've completed and who has submitted their test.

Online assessment status


If you have any question about Akindi's Student Portal, please reach out to the Akindi Team through our live in-app chat. We would be happy to help.

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