You can enter an answer key for your assessment by copying the key from another source or program (such as Microsoft Word or Excel) and pasting it into Akindi.

To do this, head to the 'Enter answer key' or 'Edit answer key' page.

Image: Edit Answer Key on course dashboard.

Click on the 'Copy & Paste Answer Key' button.

Image: 'Copy & Paste Answer Key' button

Here you can paste or enter the correct answers for your assessment into the text box.

Gif: Entering correct answers

How should the answers be formatted?

The answers can be listed all on one line, and separated by spaces,

  • A D CE A

or separated by commas,

  • A, D, CE, A

You can also list the answers one per line:





and include question numbers:

  1. A

  2. D

  3. CE

  4. A

Once the answers have been saved, you can then update any of the answers or view advanced marking options by clicking the 'Copy & Paste Answer Key' button again.

Gif: Click 'Copy & Paste Answer Key' button > edit question type > save

Adjusting the grading scheme and question weight

If you only input the letter, or the question number and the letter, Akindi will make an assumption about the question type and the question weight.

By default, Akindi will classify the question type as an 'exact-match' and it will input the question weight as '1'. You can change this at any time, by using the 'Display Advanced Marking' option or by clicking 'Copy & Paste Answer Key' again and editing the key from there.

Image: Answer key input showing question weight & grading scheme

Exporting the answer key

You can also export the the answer key from Akindi, by copying the key from your assessment, and pasting the key into a different Akindi assessment or an external application or program.

Gif: Select text > copy

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