For online assessments, you can import your test questions and allow Akindi to automatically randomize the order in which the questions are displayed to each student.

Create Assessment

Start by clicking 'Create Assessment' from the Dashboard.

Image: Create assessment button

Set up your assessment by choosing a Course, entering the Assessment Name, and selecting ‘Online’ as the Assessment Type.

Using the toggle, turn on 'multiple versions' and ensure 'Automated Scrambling' is selected.

You'll have the option to disable 'Allow Backtracking' by unticking the box, which will prevent students returning to previous questions that they have already viewed.

Image: Step 1 of 4, Create Assessment

Import Test Questions

In the next step, you will upload your questions in a Word document or .docx file. Once this has been successfully imported, click 'Continue'.

Gif: Upload Word document of test questions

Review Questions & Enter Answer Key

Akindi will read the document and ask you to review the full page and enter your answer key.

Gif: Enter answer key

Any unidentified items need to be categorized before you can click 'Save & Continue' and move on.

Image: Number of unidentified items

We strongly encourage you to fully review this page to ensure Akindi has properly categorized each question and item correctly. Take a look at our 'Review Questions & Enter Answer Key' page on how to ensure everything in your test question document has been identified and properly categorized.

Scheduling the Online Assessment

Set the times in which the students can access the online assessment.

Gif: Adjust activation time, deadline and time limit

Emailing Students Their Online Assessment

Each student requires a unique URL to access their Online Assessment. To email all students their Online Assessment link, click 'Email Students Online Assessment'.

Gif: Select 'Email students online assessment' button, customize email and send

Students completing the assessment

Students will only see one question and the associated answer options on screen at any given time. Students will be able to proceed freely to any question during the assessment, and navigate through the 'Question Index', unless the ‘Allow Backtracking’ option has been disabled.

Image: Online assessment with one question at a time displayed

Viewing the Results

Akindi will present the questions in the results table in the same order as your original test questions and answer key. You can 'Send Grades to 'LMS'', as well as exporting the results to a CSV file.

At this time, 'Download corrected sheets' and 'Email students their grades' functions are not supported for tests set up with Question Scrambling.

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