1. Save and Send Later

You can now set up your online assessment, save it, and email your students their online assessment at a later time, using the ‘Save & Continue’ function.

2. Online Assessment Status

Once you’ve set up your Online Assessment, you’ll see a new button on your course dashboard labelled ‘View Online Assessment Status’. A brand new area where you can:

  • Email students their online assessment when you’re ready

  • Ensure online assessment emails are successfully delivered to your students

  • Keep track of your students’ progress during the assessment

  • Adjust time limits, activations and deadlines for any student(s) in the same place

Please note the following feature is temporarily unavailable

3. Upload Answer Key (not currently available for use)

The option to upload your test questions in order to create an answer key has been renamed from 'Upload Questions' to 'Upload Answer Key'.

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