If your student clicked 'Submit' before completing their assessment, you can re-open the assessment for them to allow them to pick up where they left off.

In Akindi, click 'View Results' from the course dashboard and select the 'Responses' tab.

Delete their response by selecting the student's submission on the "Responses" tab, clicking "Delete" then "Save Changes".

Gif: Select student response > click 'Delete' > Click 'Save changes'

Once the submission has been deleted, the student will be able to access the assessment again using the same link they received in their original email from Akindi, however they may need to refresh the page.

When the student accesses their online assessment again, Akindi will attempt to recover any responses they had previously selected.

If the assessment deadline has now passed, take a look at our guide on 'Re-opening the online assessment'.

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