If the deadline of your assessment has passed, you can re-open the test for selected students only.

If your student has already submitted an attempt and you want to allow them to re-take the assessment, you'll need to delete their submission from Akindi's list of responses before re-opening the assessment.

From your course dashboard, select ‘View Online Assessment Status’.

Image: Course dashboard, 'view online assessment status' button highlighted

Select the student(s) that you want to re-open the online assessment for and click on the 'Actions' dropdown menu to select 'Edit Assessment Timing'.

Gif: Select students, click 'actions' and then 'edit assessment timing' to adjust time limit, activation time or deadline

Select when the assessment will re-open and close again using the 'Activation time' and 'Deadline'. You can choose to adjust any 'Time limit' settings or leave them as is.

If multiple students will be re-taking the assessment at different times, you'll need to set up a customized assessment for each student that requires a different time.

Click ‘Save and Continue’ to confirm the new times and to return to the Online Assessment Status page. Any changes will be applied immediately, and the student will be able to use their original assessment link, although they may need to refresh their page.

However you do also have the option to email the student(s) again to inform them of the changes applied.

Gif: Select student > Click 'Email students online assessment' > Click 'Send'

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