Reopening a student's assessment attempt

If a student has submitted their assessment attempt, the instructor has the option of reopening that assessment attempt for the student.

To do this, go to the 'Online Assessment Status' page.

Select the student(s) that you want to re-open the online assessment for and click on the 'Actions' dropdown menu to select 'Reopen assessment attempt'.


Updating the Assessment Availability

You'll be able to edit the 'Time limit', the 'Activation time' and the 'Deadline'. If the deadline has already passed, you'll need to ensure that this is updated before clicking 'Save', otherwise the student will not be able to access the test again.

Reopen assessment > edit deadline

Resetting the assessment attempt

By default, the student's saved responses from their previous attempt, will appear when they access the assessment again.

If you want to remove all the saved responses from previous attempts, you can select the 'Clear saved answers from previous attempt' option.

Click 'Save' and the selected student's assessment will be available for them to access again as long as the 'Activation time' has passed.

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