What can be customized for individual students?

You can customize the following features of an online assessment for individual students:

  • The time and dates for the assessment 'Activation' and 'Deadline'

  • The 'Time limit' allotted to complete a timed assessment

  • The email subject and message that is sent to the student

As a first step, you'll need to ensure you have created your online assessment and entered the assessment timing for test overall. If you're unsure about this, take a look at our guide on 'Scheduling the online assessment'.

How to adjust the assessment times for individual students

From your course dashboard, select ‘View Online Assessment Status’.

Image: 'View Online Assessment Status' button on course dashboard tiles

Select the student(s) from the table, click on the 'Actions' dropdown menu and select 'Edit Assessment Timing'.

Gif: Select students, click 'actions' and then 'edit assessment timing' to adjust time limit, activation time or deadline

Here you can adjust the time limit, activation time and deadline for selected students that may require accommodations. Click 'Save & Continue' to return to the 'Online Assessment Status' page.

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