In addition to choosing the timeframe that students have access to the assessment, you can also select how long students have to complete the assessment once they have started it.

When you're creating your online assessment, you'll be prompted to enter your assessment times on the 'Customize Schedule' page. You can also access this step by clicking 'Set Assessment Timing' or 'Edit Assessment Timing' from your course dashboard.

Image: 'Set Assessment Timing' button

Under 'Time limit', select the hours and minutes that students will have to complete the test.

Gif: Adjust activation time, deadline and time limit

Displaying the time limit to students

Akindi will inform students of the time limit in the email they receive that contains their online assessment link.

Image: Countdown timer displayed on student assessment

In addition to this, when they are completing the assessment Akindi will display a countdown timer. The countdown will begin as soon as the student clicks 'I agree' to begin their online assessment.

Once the countdown timer reaches zero, any answers the student has selected will be automatically submitted to Akindi.

No time limit on an assessment

You still have the option to allow your students to complete the assessment any time before the deadline, with no time restrictions placed on them. If you don't want to have your assessment timed, select the 'Disable time limit' checkbox.

Image: Disable time limit option selected

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