After you have entered your answer key, you'll be taken to the 'Customize Schedule' page where you'll set the times in which the students can access the online assessment.

Gif: Adjust activation time, deadline and time limit

The 'Activation time' is when students will be granted access to view and start their assessment. The 'Deadline' is when the assessment closes, meaning students can no longer access their assessment or submit their answers.

You’ll have the option to turn the test into a timed assessment. Under 'Time limit', select the hours and minutes that your students will be given to complete their submission. If you don't want to set a time limit, select the 'Disable time limit' checkbox.

Edit Assessment Timing

You can edit the assessments times for the whole class at any point, by clicking 'Edit Assessment Timing' from your course dashboard.

Adjusting Assessment Times for Selected Students

Once you click ‘Save & Continue’ you'll be taken to the 'Online Assessment Status' page. Here you can adjust the time limit, activation time and deadline for selected students that may require accommodations.

Select the student(s) from the table, click on the 'Actions' dropdown menu and select 'Edit Assessment Timing'.

Gif: Select students, click 'actions' and then 'edit assessment timing' to adjust time limit, activation time or deadline

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