1. Choosing the Assessment Delivery method

Students have two different ways of accessing their online assessment. Either via an email sent from Akindi or through the 'Launch Akindi' link in your LMS course.

On the 'Create Assessment' page, you can ensure students are sent their assessment link in an email, by selecting 'Deliver via email' under the 'Assessment Delivery' field.

Selecting 'Deliver via email' on the 'Create Assessment' page

2. Complete setting up your Online Assessment

Continue through the remainder of the steps to finish setting up your online assessment; if you need any guidance in finalizing your online assessment, refer to our Creating Online Assessments with Akindi tutorial.

3. Select 'View Online Assessment Status' from your course dashboard.

View Online Assessment Status button on course dashboard tiles

4. Emailing all students in your course roster

Each student requires a unique URL to access their Online Assessment. To email all students their Online Assessment link, click the 'Email Students Online Assessment' button.

Select 'Email students online assessment' button, customize email and send

You'll have the option to customize the subject and message of the email that is sent to students.

Once you hit 'Send' the emails will be immediately sent to students, but they won't be able to access their assessment until the 'Activation time' has passed.

5. Emailing selected students only

You may want to ensure only selected students are sent their online assessment link, or you may need to re-send the assessment link to selected students.

To do this, select the students from the table first, then click the 'Email Students(s) Online Assessment' button. Choose whether you want to customize the email and click 'Send' when you're ready

Select student > click 'Email students online assessment' > Click 'Send'

6. Ensuring students received their emails

Akindi will display the delivery status of all emails sent to your students. Check the 'Delivery' column on the Online Assessment Status page to check that all emails were successfully delivered, see how many assessments have been opened and ensure no errors were encountered.

Delivery column on Online Assessment Status page

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