Yes, it's possible to use the 'Email students their grades' functionality with Akindi Online Assessments.

From your course dashboard, locate the assessment and click ‘View Results’.

Next, click the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner and select ‘Email students their grades’.

GIF: View Results > Actions > Email Students their grades.

Akindi will let you know how many students will be emailed and warn you if any student emails are missing. You will have the ability to customize the subject line and the message as well as select whether or not a corrected answer sheet will be provided.

Image: Sending students their grades: customize subject line and message, show correct answers on test sheet.

Once you send an email, a new column will be created in ‘Responses’ tab of the Results page, with the status of the emails.

What Will The Students See

The student will receive an email with your custom subject line and message and a secure link to view their results.

Once they open the link, they'll be shown their marks and percentage grade, and the answers they selected. If selected, correct answers will also be displayed next to any incorrect responses.

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