There are two different ways to provide multiple versions of the same assessment in Akindi.

The first is to use Akindi's automated question scrambling feature. This feature allows you import your test questions in a Word document and Akindi automatically identifies your questions and answers. Akindi will then present the questions to each student in your course roster in a different, randomized order.

This is selected by turning on 'Multiple Versions' and ensuring 'Automated Scrambling' is selected. For more details, take a look at our 'Question Scrambling' guide.

Image: Step 1 of 4, Create Assessment, Automated Scrambling selected

Manually creating multiple versions of the test questions

The other way to deliver multiple versions of the assessment, is to create the different versions yourself and upload each version of the answer key and/or test questions to Akindi.

On the first step, select 'Multiple Versions' and use the dropdown menu to select how many versions of the test you would like to deliver. Akindi allows for up to six different versions of each assessment.

Gif: Multiple versions dropdown menu

Next you'll have the option to select whether you want to display the test questions to students by opting for 'Display Full PDF' or 'I don't want to upload questions'.

Multiple versions are not currently compatible with assessments that display the test 'One Question at a time'

Creating multiple versions without uploading test questions

By selecting 'I don't want to upload questions' in the 'Test Questions Display' options, you're confirming that you want to provide the test questions outside of Akindi. Students will only be presented with the bubble sheet layout that you choose in the first step of creating an assessment

You will need to communicate with students which version of the assessment they are taking, as students will self-indicate their version when they start the online assessment.

Image: Online assessment with bubble sheet layout only displayed, students select which version they are taking

Creating multiple versions and uploading test questions

If you want to display the test questions in Akindi, select 'Display Full PDF' and choose your bubble sheet layout to accompany the test questions.

In the next step, you'll be prompted to upload each version of your test questions in PDF format.

Image: Upload questions step for multiple versions

If you have uploaded your test questions to be displayed alongside the online bubble sheet, then Akindi will automatically assign a student a version of the assessment, when they begin their test.

Students do not need to self-indicate which version of the assessment they are taking if test questions have been uploaded.

Image: Online assessment with the pdf file and the bubble sheet layout displayed

Entering multiple answer keys

Whether you have chosen to display test questions or not, during the assessment creation process, you'll have the option of entering in a different answer key for each version of your assessment.

Select the version from the drop-down menu at the top of the answer key creator and enter your answer key.

GIF: Enter answer key > Select version from dropdown menu> Enter answer key.

Analyzing Results with Multiple Versions

You will be able to analyze individual versions or the results as a whole. At this time we only show an answer breakdown and point biserial for one version at a time- you will need to select a version in the top left-hand corner to view these reports.

GIF: Filter test results by section and version using dropdown menus.

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