The email students receive

Your students will receive an email from  instructing them to complete an online assessment. In this email, the exact times they can access the online assessment will be outlined. They’ll need to click the ‘Start Assessment’ button which is a secure link that will enable them to access their assessment in a new browser window or tab. 

Students will not have the ability to begin the assessment until the 'Activation time'.

Students have to click 'I agree' to confirm that the student name and student ID listed is accurate and belongs to them before they can begin the assessment. 

Online bubble sheet only

If you have chosen not to display your test questions through Akindi, then your students will only be presented with the online bubble sheet. 

If you are running multiple versions of the online assessment, without test questions, students will be required to self-indicate which version of the assessment they are taking.

Students use the digital interface to select an answer(s) to each question. When they click ‘Submit’, their graded submission will populate in Akindi results. 

Akindi will show a confirmation screen when the results have been submitted.
Akindi will not allow a student to write a test more than once.

Displaying test questions and the online bubble sheet

If you uploaded test questions to Akindi, the test questions will be displayed to students on the left hand side, and the online bubble sheet will appear on the right hand side of the screen.

Displaying multiple versions of the test questions

If you have uploaded test questions for multiple versions, then Akindi will randomly assign each student to a version once they begin the assessment. 

Students do not need to mark which version of the assessment they are taking if test questions have been uploaded.

Timed assessment

If you chose to set a 'Time limit' by which students have to complete their assessment, then Akindi will display a countdown timer while the students are entering their responses.

The countdown will begin as soon as the student clicks 'I agree' to begin their online assessment.

Once the countdown timer reaches zero, any answers the student has selected will be automatically submitted to Akindi.

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