Online assessment notification

You’ll receive an email from sent by your instructor from Akindi, providing you with the following information:

  • The title of the course and the assessment that you’ll be completing

  • The date and time the assessment will become available to access

  • The date and time the assessment must be submitted by

  • Details on how to access your assessment

If your instructor has set up a timed assessment, then the allotted time that you'll have to complete the assessment, will also be outlined in the email.

Your instructor may want you to access your Akindi assessment via email or by logging into your Learning Management System.

Accessing your assessment link via email

If you should be accessing your assessment link via email, then you will see a 'Start assessment' button in the email.

Click on the ‘Start Assessment’ button which will open your assessment in a new browser tab or window. 

Accessing your assessment through the Learning Management System

There will not be a link or a button to access your assessment within the email, but the email will outline in the subject line and in the body that your assessment can be accessed from the LMS (e.g. Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, Moodle).

email from akindi: notification of online assessment

You will need to log in to the LMS, access the relevant course and click 'Launch Akindi'. You will only see a 'Start assessment' button, once the 'Activation time' has passed and the assessment becomes 'Active'.

Students Launching Akindi from LMS course

Starting the assessment

In order to begin your assessment, Akindi will ask you to verify that the name and student ID on the assessment is accurate to you, in addition to other key information. 

Click ‘I agree’ to confirm the details on the assessment are correct and to begin the assessment. 

Viewing the test questions

Below are the variety of ways that your assessment may be displayed to you, depending on how your instructor has chosen to configure the exam.

  1. PDF display

You may see the contents of the PDF you uploaded on the left hand side of the screen, and the bubble sheet layout on the right hand side. The PDF containing is scrolling and can be expanded to full screen if necessary. Use the letter options on the right hand side to select your chosen response for each question.

Gif: Scroll through questions and select responses

2. One Question at a time

With this setting, you will only see one question and the associated answer options on screen at any given time. You can use the 'Index' on the lefthand side to quickly navigate to different questions on the test.

Image: Displaying one question at a time

Preventing backtracking to previous questions

If your instructor has disabled the 'Allow backtracking' function then you will not see the 'Previous Question' option and the 'Question Index' will not be displayed. You can use the 'Assessment Progress' display to keep track of how many questions you have to complete.

Image: Display one question at a time, backtracking prevented. Assessment progress highlighted.

Countdown timer

If your instructor set up a timed assessment, then Akindi will display a countdown timer in the top right hand corner of the screen. Once the timer reaches zero, Akindi will automatically submit any answers you have selected to your instructor, even if you were not able to finish the assessment.

Submitting your responses

Click on a single or multiple bubble letters for each question to indicate your answer. To unselect a response, simply click the bubble letter again. 

Double check you have selected a response for each question before clicking ‘submit’ at the bottom of the page to send the assessment submission to your instructor for grading. Once you have submitted your assessment, you won’t be able to access and edit the page again. 

You can only take the test once.

Gif: Select response > click submit > confirm submission
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