To collaborate on a course or a section with another instructor or TA, click the "Collaborate" button on your course dashboard, add the TA's or instructor's email, choose the permissions that they will have within the course, then click "Invite"

The instructor will receive an email notifying them that they've been added to your course. 

GIF: Collaborate > Input email > Select access Level > Invite > Done.

Collaboration permissions

'Can View' vs. 'Can Edit' vs. 'Can Admin'

With 'viewing' rights, the collaborator will have the ability to view the course and the assessment results, but will not be able to create or edit assessments, edit answer keys, or download or upload test sheets.

With 'editing' rights, the collaborator will be able to create and edit assessments and print and upload test sheets. They will be restricted from adding or removing course collaborators.

With 'admin' rights, they will have all the same abilities as an 'editor', but will also be able to add/remove collaborators and sync the grades to the Learning Management System.

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