At the moment, it isn't possible to change all the question weights at once.

That being said, it is possible to mimic this using the 'Mark out of:' option when exporting the grades to your LMS. 

  1. Click "View Results", click the 'Send Grades to LMS' button.

Image: Send Grades to LMS button

2. Create a new grade item in your LMS grade book or select an existing grade item,
3. And Input the desired denominator of the results in the 'Mark out of:' text box. This will allow you to scale the the results to that denominator- effectively, scaling each test question's weight.

For example, if your test has 50 questions, setting the 'Mark out of 100' would make each question worth 2 marks.

4. Click 'Export'

Image: Select grade item in LMS.

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