Setup Instructions

1. Understanding Student ID formats.

By default, Akindi will strip any non-numeric values from the Student IDs. For example, Student ID "ABC1234" will become "1234".

Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you'd like this default behaviour adjusted.

2. Generate Tool Provider Key and Secret Key for Akindi

A. Log into Akindi
B. Under the Administration Heading on left-hand panel, go to LMS Integrations > Add LMS Integration.
C. Fill out:

  • LMS Name: Blackboard

  • Select Development/Testing or Production environment

  • Input LMS URL

  • Copy the tool provider key and secret

3. Setup the LTI provider

3a. Go to System Admin > Building Blocks > LTI Tool Providers > ManageGlobal Properties, then set:

  • Enabled in courses: 'yes'

  • Send user data: 'Send user data only over SSL'

  • User fields to send: 'role in course', 'name', and 'email address'

3b. Under System Admin > Building Blocks > LTI Providers > Register Provider Domain, enter:


  • Provider domain: ‘'

  • Provider domain status: Approved


  • Default configuration: ‘Set Globally’

  • Tool provider key: (key provided by Akindi)

  • Tool provider secret: (key provided by Akindi)

  • Customer parameters: (copy and paste exactly)


  • Send User Data: ‘send user data only over SSL’

  • User Fields to Send: ‘role in course’, ‘name’, ‘email address

  • Click ‘Submit’

3c. Go to System Admin > Building Blocks > LTI Providers. In the drop-down menu beside Akindi’s domain, click Manage Placements > Create Placement, and enter:


  • Label: ‘Akindi: online and in-person testing’

  • Handle: ‘Akindi’ (or ‘Akindi-test’ if this is a test integration)

  • Type: Content type, ‘Tools’


4. Setup the REST API

Under System Admin > REST API Integrations:

  • Click ‘Create Integration’

  • Application ID: 5b58b622-a9dc-4448-aadc-254c418a762a

  • Learn User: ‘administrator’

  • Click ‘Submit’

5. Add Launch Link to Courses:

A. In a course, click Content from the left-hand menu, then go to Tools > Akindi: online and in-person testing, and enter:

  • Name: ‘Launch Akindi’

  • Permit Users to View this Content: 'Yes'

  • Click ‘Submit’

  • Hover over the link to access the dropdown menu, then click ‘Adaptive Release’

  • Membership: select the username of the course instructor(s)

  • Click ‘Submit

6. Add the Launch Link to Course Sidebar:

A. Click ‘+’ in the top right of the course sidebar, select Add Course Link, and enter:

  • Location: click ‘Browse’ > 'Content' and select ‘Launch Akindi’

  • Name: ‘Launch Akindi’

  • Check 'Available to Users'

  • Click ‘Submit’

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